Introducing Two Absurd Solutions for oDeskers

Two days ago, I received an email from oDesk “announcing two new solutions for freelancers.” The moment I opened the mail, I was dubious of what I just read. They proudly announced the two useless solutions: Connects and Membership Plans. Connects are virtual tokens that can be used for applying a job while the second one involves a monetary “token” to be more visible to clients and have a greater advantage of getting hired. That's $10 per month, on top of the 10% deduction from our earnings. How absurd is that?

It just doesn’t make any sense. Immediately, I visited the blog page and joined the community to post my comments. Unsurprisingly, most members have expressed their dislikes, concerns and disappointments regarding the ridiculous solutions, most especially the second one. From what I read during the merger of Odesk and Elance, Odesk CEO Gary Swart promised that they never planned fee increases or membership fees in the future.

"#2: I’m worried oDesk will adopt membership fees or other aspects of the Elance pricing structure.
Don’t worry! oDesk does not plan fee increases or membership fees based on the merger." - Odesk CEO Gary Swart

Yet, it was just a lie.

I posted my comment yesterday but there was no response from, Garnor M, the community manager. I even gained “19 Kudos" and counting...

It looks like you need to pay oDesk to get "better visibility" than others. I just wonder, is the portion of our hard-earned money not enough? How about those who've been working on odesk for a long time, 5 years and more, who, I believe, contributed more to this community. How many percent more should you deduct from us to be "visible"? Were you considering giving out some rewards or, at least, recognition to these dedicated people who have worked for 5 years or more through odesk?
I doubt they would even consider that. Below is my post on the odesk community forum.

oDesk is going to apply these features that Elance failed to carry out. Perhaps it's best if they focus on keeping the freelancers or giving them reason to stay.

The 10% deduction from our earnings is acceptable. I can deal with that. But to demand an extra $10 a month for membership fee is a different story. Odesk will no longer be different from other freelancing sites. The worst part is that oDesk has become the most expensive freelance site compared to others.