Typhoon Seniang - an unforgettable year-ender in Moalboal

It was at the wee hours on the 30th of December when Typhoon Seniang (Senyang) brought havoc to my home and other people's houses in the northern and southern part of Cebu, including Moalboal.
Not everyone was expecting the flood to overflow in their houses and at some establishments in the towns.
According to a report, at least 28 dead due to 'Seniang' and a man in Alegria town and a child in Moalboal town were drowned. -abs-cbn report

Moalboal Central Elementary School flooded from inside out.

Flood was everywhere. And so was the blackout.
It all started around 2 in the morning as the rain never stopped pouring for 3 consecutive days.
It was, indeed, unexpected.

Neither was I expecting the flood to have reached my humble abode.
It's been 1 year and six months since I moved in to my wife's hometown. 
We just started to settle down in our new home. 
Yet, two Christmases have passed and here we are, going through this awful experience.

Mud all over at the front door, outside and inside my house when the flood subsided.

It was almost 3am when my wife and I heard the loud knocks and shout of a female voice outside. I was shocked when I opened the door and saw her sister carrying her 2 kids at our front door. The flood was already above her ankles. She was evacuating from her house to ours, thinking that we might be safe.

A few minutes later, muddy water crept in our floor and started overflowing into my tiny office and in to our bedroom.
Flood in our living room started to subside.

Water is dripping from our ceiling.

I was shocked and felt motionless. I thought my wife was going to have a nervous breakdown. But we still managed to carry and transfer the sofa, the cabinet, the fridge, and other stuff to keep them from getting wet. 

I'm on a tight budget. And, I haven't been able to withdraw my salary for 2 weeks because of the ridiculous banking holidays in the Philippines. 
I work as a freelancer at a low cost, with no permanent and full-time position. No benefits as well.
That is exactly why I am working for 3 clients/employers at the same time, spending over 80 hours per week in front of my PC, in order to make ends meet.
I can't afford to buy these stuff again in a month or two. Being the head of the family, I still have financial obligation for my wife and 2 kids. I have mouths to feed and bills to pay. 
Besides, I just recently bought them on bargain, so I have to do what I had to. 
But not everything was saved. Our roof and ceiling need to be repaired. 
...Another money to spend...


The worst part is that I forgot my CPU in my tiny office which had been soaked with flood. Good thing I saved my files on my laptop. Now, I don't have a backup or reserved PC to use for work. I will have to save for approximately 5 months to buy a new PC.

The water submerged but the mud remained. (photos above)

Everyone is worried and sad. I was sad, and so was my wife.
But, it is what it is.
Some would say, "it is part of life." But, to me, time permits it to be so.
For all the rest of our existence is not life, but merely time.

We've shed some tears, had some laughs... but there's always a silver lining in every cloud.
No matter how awful or tragic this experience is, life must go on. 

My wife saddened by the flood and mud inside and outside of our house. And so are our dogs.

The most important thing is we are safe. My wife and my kids are safe. 

May we have a blessed and bountiful years ahead of us!