The Commonality between Windows 8.1 and Windows XP

For the longest time, I've been using Windows XP to run on my desktop. Even though I've been getting a prompt message on my screen about the OS whose support has ended two weeks ago, it didn't keep me from doing so. Not until now. Well, the good thing is I have a laptop that runs Windows 8 Operating System to write this post.

For two weeks, I've been ignoring that message and ticked the "Don't show this message again." The only problem is that the speed of my PC gets slower and slower. It annoys me to see the prompt message plus the fact that it runs so "super slow" (for the lack of a better word) and at times, it just hangs up. But not for long.
I kept on encountering this problem and then, suddenly, my PC crashes. Every time I boot up my old desktop, it just led me to a blue screen with an error about a program or any installed software that prevented me from getting through the start-up process or any of that sort. Well, it only means that I need to install a new OS.

Speaking of a new OS, I have also used the newest version of Windows 8 by Microsoft. I've tried the Windows 8.1 updated version, which I only installed for curiosity's sake. I tried it just to know how it felt using the newest OS by Microsoft. It was only running on my HP laptop for less than a month, though. Instead, I reverted to the pre-installed Windows 8 OS.

The nice thing about Windows 8 is that I can view the apps and programs like the ones that are seen on iPad or tablet. But, with the 8.1 OS, it feels like I am running the obsolete Windows XP operating system. It is slower than the previous OS and some programs aren't compatible with the system. I think that's the problem with all new software. Either they are incompatible with other programs or some couldn't keep up. With this incompatibility brings me to a slower speed in the operating system. I'm not sure how others view it or use it but for me, personally, it is not perfected yet. And most probably, Microsoft is working their butt off to perfecting the newest version of Windows OS. Otherwise, not many people will use it. Not even I would recommend it. It is just "absurd".