Feb 5, 2013

oDesk Financial Account Suspension!

It's only been a couple of days since I posted a topic about my oDesk experience. I shared how this has helped me professionally & financially. It's just ironic how the situation turned against me when I received an email notification from oDesk this morning. I was really shocked and worried when I see the notification on my profile. I never thought I would be scammed from this "secured" site.

"Financial Account Elmer Devilleres (810209) has been suspended.  Please contact customer support."

What the heck has just happened to my financial account? I have worked hard on every project that I have had, with the goal of providing satisfying results to my employers/clients. I am really doing each task with good intentions. I always aim for the best, to exceed my client's expectations. Yet, all of a sudden, I was being suspended by oDesk because of the unauthorized account used by my former client for payments.

 Here's the notification letter.


Dear Elmer Devilleres,

oDesk Notification

Please be advised, we received a notice that the payments from your employer Kimbal Jordan’s are unauthorized. Unfortunately, we cannot allow such payments through our system and will be reversing all payments back to the source. Please do not work with this employer/company or any of their associates again, or your account could get permanently suspended. Feel free to pursue them outside of oDesk for payment. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.



As every contractor would respond, I asked why my financial account was suspended. I have talked with 3 oDesk customer agents and asked for an update, but still they couldn't give me an answer. Instead, they told me to just wait since the issue is under investigation.

By the way, I was working on this project in good faith, thinking that the account was real since the payment went through. It was never my fault. I don't think I deserved to be suspended. I have worked on the project for 2 weeks and the problem came out only on the third week, just when I was about to withdraw my earnings. In my response, I asked, "why did you guys suspend contractors like me who have nothing to do with the account? I have worked on this job for TWO WEEKS and then I was suspended on the THIRD WEEK just because the payment was unauthorized. You should be the one validating the employer's accounts before he can hire someone. This should have been acted upon and barred on the first or second day or on the first week. And it took you guys three weeks to find this out."

Again, as most customer agents would reply, "The issue is still under investigation... Please wait for their response. You will be responded. We do apologize for the delay as the issue is still under investigation."

 ...sigh...What now?

The case was resolved 2 weeks after I posted this. I got only 10% of what I actually earned from the bogus employer, excluding my effort and the time spent for 2 and a half weeks.
So, it really took me over 2 weeks before I could withdraw my earnings.

Lesson learned... I hope this also serves as a lesson to newbies to be vigilant always.


  1. kroutson from oDesk on Timberal, Inc contract6/2/13

    Oh, I totally agree with you. This is BS that we (contractors) have to put up with the BS that oDesk has done by letting these scammers in here. We get the interview, we get hired, we do the work, we are to get paid, then WHAM, oDesk takes over and we get nothing now. Where is the oDesk contractor protection? There is none. You create a ticket, and they just say, "we are working to resolve this issue. thank you for being patient. This review process will take a few days. A FEW DAYS??? It's been 8 days for me now and they still don't have it back to where I can access any other money available to me from different contracts.

  2. kroutson6/2/13

    They say (odesk support) to wait a few days during the review process. I've always known a "few" to be 3 or 4. It's been 8 days since they suspended my account.

  3. Found this link on facebook..

  4. Anonymous26/5/14

    Odesk risk.management team is very very cruel now a days and I.believe one day the odesk.will.no.more.number one on market.I don't know why and where is gary swart. Why he is not seeing the cruelty with contracters why they always on clients side. Why they don't give chance again to contracters. I am also.suspended. I was also true loyal worker of odesk. I think we all can go to high court for justice.law is the solution. Gary swart you have to check inside odesk what's going on.your name is damaging. Please stop the cruelty with contracters.

  5. Anonymous28/10/14

    i also don't like them issues. I just opened my account and get a job from my personal marketing buyer i did work for him and he was very happy bu today i see my account has be suspend :(
    I it really sad for any good freelancer.


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