My oDesk Experience

When I first learned about oDesk, I was hesitant to join and a bit skeptical about its veracity. Then, I realized I had nothing to lose if I sign up to the site. So I did on July 26, 2010. But my skepticism never faded until a year later when I started applying and working on a very simple job in September 2011. What started as a tryout has turned into a fulltime freelance job. I even resigned from my day job to focus my time on oDesk.

I have been working on and off via oDesk.com for over a year now. I have had 26 jobs already, with over 2,500 hours of oDesk experience. I couldn't say this has been my productive career, since most of my jobs are at low rates and done at home. However, the oDesk experience has definitely helped me financially and professionally, and it contributed a lot in terms of my personal and family needs.  It even widened my views in life. It's been a bittersweet experience for me.

I may be working alone at home, but I am communicating and interacting with a bunch of employers/clients from the western part of the world. I have had clients from Canada, Australia, and other parts of America. I have also worked on projects which I never thought I could have done before, not even here in the Philippines. I have also had a variety of projects and performed various tasks doing things that are, somehow, different from my field of expertise. Yet, with and through the help and guidance of my employers, I was and, still, am able to work on them smoothly and effectively. My clients' feedback on my oDesk profile can attest to that.

I have also had clients who have been ungrateful to my service. Not because I am incompetent and irresponsible of the tasks given to me, it was simply because of the loads of projects that I have had. This is what really happens when you want to earn more and you thought you can still do more. It actually happened in April last year. The thing was, I had 5 jobs in progress on oDesk and a full-time job in the Philippines during that time. The problem occurred when I kept on accepting jobs thinking that I could do them all at the same time. As a result, I got loads of projects and tasks to do which I couldn't handle myself. Even with the help of my colleague and brother, I still wasn't able to give the desired results. Thus, I got an unfavorable feedback with a low star rating on my profile. Well, lesson learned for me.

I am still working on a few projects with other employers right now. I would now settle to 3 jobs in progress at most. The experience is not as exciting as it was, though, the first time I worked with different clients on oDesk. Yet, with this experience, I can say that I have learned more than I ever thought of. I have learned to value time and every opportunity that comes to me. Most of all, I have learned to value my family and my time with them.