Absolute Pleasure to Work With

It actually feels odd and unusual for me to write and share my experiences and some personal stuff online, but it also feels great to read some experiences that lighten up my day. I used to keep a journal during my college years. I find solace in unloading these experiences in a journal, whether bitter or not. So, I might as well share some from working on oDesk, now Upwork.

Today, I am so delighted to receive a message from my former employer on Upwork. He just gave me a 5-star rating with a very favorable review on my profile.

This employer is from the U.S. He hired me two months ago to write and post topics in a forum on his behalf. It was only a part-time job for me since I only have to work 2 hours a day, six days a week. The rate is $2.1 per hour, which is not really desirable but good enough just for a new experience.The job was completed in December, but the contract was put on hold for over a month since, as always, my clients are busy. A few days ago, I ended the contract for being inactive and unresponsive. I sent him a message telling him about the contract. This morning, I am surprised to see my profile with a very favorable review from him.

"Elmer was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He is an extremely hard worker, he speaks excellent English, and he is a very gifted writer.  If you are searching for a high quality individual to work with, have no hesitation in hiring him!"

Ehem! lower your eyebrows, please. I do not claim that I am what he says I am. In fact, I replied to him saying, "Thank you so much for the feedback. I didn't actually want you to over exaggerate it, but it really means a lot to me, though."