Talisman Online: My Obsession...

Over the past four months, I've spent most of my time playing Talisman Online... I have been playing this game for almost a year, but it wasn't like this time that I've been so obsessed with the game. But thank goodness I've learned to get over it and played the game only an hour or less everyday. Due to my obsession to the game, I even wrote an essay regarding my story about the game. I made it last month as my entry to an essay contest, and posted it on http://www.talismanonline.com/. Here's how it goes...

Talisman Online is my Second Life!

Today's generation loves to play online games. Due to the proliferation of Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), some people spend most of their time playing in front of the computers or laptops, regardless of the condition, time and place. I, for one, have been spending most of my time playing Talisman Online, "a free 3D fantasy MMORPG with a new impressive special experience." It has been a year now since I started playing this game. It all started when I began to realize that playing Defense of the Ancients (commonly known as DotA) doesn't offer a long-term goal and a greater challenge. Why? Because playing DotA for a long-time has not set my mind to anticipate a different kind of scenario, equipment, and guild. I'm not saying that DotA is not entertaining and challenging, it just gives me a short moment of experience and pleasure in playing. I maybe playing a different hero in every game, but the purpose and scenario are just the same. So I began searching for a better online game, which is a little bit related to DotA, until I came across with Talisman Online. In this game, I begin to think of a different and further purpose and enter into a different realm and scenario. When I started playing the game, I couldn't stop but continue and move on to a different field, scenario, and cave run to level up everyday. I became so obsessed to the extent that I spend less time on my job. But then, I would still be able to do my job after playing. Sometimes, my family, colleagues and friends would tell me to end this obsession and find something new and different. They even told me to get a life!
At first, I played Talisman Online just for the sake of playing it. Pastime, at most. I created my first character called eldevs, an assasin. I took some quests, killed mobs, leveled up, and did just what I thought was necessary. I did these things over and over again until I reached level 51. Yet, I played without thinking of a better build on gears and weapons for my character. Instead, I have used green items, from boots to amulets, except my talisman, greedy wolf chain simitar, thanks to the blue magic bead quest in Ghost din Woods. I didn't even save much gold and spent everything I could for something I didn't know if it's useful or needed. Compared to other characters that have blue or golden items from level 45 and up, I thought that I am so noob and so weak. In short, I was playing without a better strategy and a purpose. Anyways, reading the first part of my essay may have led you to conclude that I just played and didn't read any TO players' forum from the TO website. Well, you are right. I only read the basic guides and stuff. But I do believe that experience is the best teacher and it's the best way to learn things. So I created another character with a very common name in our country, dotaboy. I created this character to obtain what I missed in my first character and get what I must have: blue or better yet, purple and golden, armor, boots, belt, cuff, kneepad, etc. Aside from that, I need to save more gold to upgrade my talisman and equipments/gears by combining them with rubies, emeralds and other stuffs. Moreover, friendship or companionship with other players is important in the game to help each other in taking some elite quests. Through the help of my new friends and co-members of our guild, I could play the game with enjoyment and a smile on my face, since most of my friends would tell jokes on team or guild chat. Clearly, teamwork is essential to survive longer ang stronger in this game. Plus the fact that a better Talisman would lead not just a character but also a guild to victory.
With these in mind, not a single day would pass without spending at least an hour or two of playing the game and doing some reputation quests. Now, my new character has surpassed the level of my first character. And I could say that my gears are somehow better than I used to have in my first character, although other players may find them good or just okay! No matter, I have achieved my short-term goal, and I am focusing now on a long-term goal for my character, which is to obtain purple and golden gears/equipments.
I love this game and I don't care what others say how obsessed I am with this game. For those who are telling me to get a life, well I already have a life. And Taliman Online is my second life!

Server: Flawless Jade
Char Name: dotaboy
Here's my character.