Top 5 Worst Flops in Philippines National Television...

It's hilarious and awful to see celebrities and media men in a video... when they made a mistake or something just went wrong.
Here are the top 5 videos considered to be the worst flops in national television. The videos I uploaded may be outdated but every time I watch these videos, I still laugh at them...

1. Michael Fajatin's blooper 

2. Janina San Miguel - Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Q&A 

3. Allan K.'s denture falls off...

4. Claudine Barretto's putang ina when she stumbled...

5. Janina and a report by Mr. Blooper Mike Fajatin himself...


Two Websites for independent online reading...

In my line of work, I always encounter articles that offer ways or tools to help students develop literacy skills. Some articles present and describe online materials or web sites for those who wish to develop and improve reading comprehension. One article titled "Vocabulary Support for Independent Online Reading" offers just that kind of information. It describes two websites that can help students read on their own. I am posting it here because I find the sites useful when reading foreign texts without the hassle of opening up another browser for a dictionary or translator site. Besides, I can use them for future references.
Here are the two sites: Ultralingua.net and WebDecoder section of WordChamp.

1. Ultralingua.net is an online tool that uses the hypertext nature of the Web to provide exactly this type of support. Filtering articles through Ultralingua.Net will give students interactive vocabulary help by turning every word into a link that opens a pop-up dictionary entry for that word. Languages supported by Ultralingua currently include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. By inserting the URL (Web page address) for a magazine article and selecting "English definitions" or any language for the pop-up dictionary selection, a copy of the article will be displayed with hypertext links of the words. Clicking on a word will open a pop-up window with vocabulary support in the form of an English or any language definition. Ultralingua also offers regular dictionary lookup for individual words, verb conjugation assistance, numbers, and online grammar references. As indicated above, texts in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese may be read with Ultralingua support.

2. WebDecoder section of WordChamp is another good service that also uses pop-up windows. WordChamp's pop-up dictionary help for online Web sites is freely accessible, though some of WordChamp's other features require creating an account. As with Ultralingua, the user provides the address of the Web page to be read and then WordChamp turns the words on the page into active links for the pop-up windows. Rather than having to click on the word, WordChamp pops up the window as soon as the mouse moves over the desired word. In terms of the number of languages supported, WordChamp outperforms Ultralingua. But they're both easy to use.

What's bothering me...

life is never easy, really never easy... i can't just imagine how we just say 10 years from now i'll be this and that when we were still at school. life really sucks!  all of our lives, we've been lied to... we've been told what life is supposed to be about... grow up, do well in school, make friends, get a girlfriend or boyfriend, get a good job, get married, get a nice house and have kids... watch tv, go to church, vote, find some hobbies to entertain you... get old, retire, spend time with the grandkids... look back on your life with nostalgia, look forward to the afterlife of your choosing... this is what we're supposed to do, this is what normal people do. this is what everyone else is doing. Yeah sure, there are a few aberrations here and there, sometimes some people slip off this track, but we can get back on at any time. Yet, when we actually look at the world around us, we may see something entirely different.
how could other people be so rich while others dont even have a crumb of rice to eat. how could others be so happy while some are drowning into tears. isn't this so unfair? really unfair. some say that always ask from Him for it will be given to you. is it really true? i don't think so, because if it is, why are we still living in this chaotic world? they say that if you'll do good to others, good things will come back to you. it's definitely not true!! many people had been doing good things to other people, but look what happened? they had been cheated. this is the reality. we're living in a world of storm. in a world where you won't be getting what you want. you won't reach the level of happiness that you had always dreamt off.
to quote from lifesucks.com, "Human beings seem to have a basic design flaw. We're a fucked up species, striving to be healthy and happy while simultaneously destroying ourselves and each other in a million different ways."