Aug 7, 2010

Most Embarrassing and Unforgettable Experience

I was kind of bored today and felt nostalgic thinking of my past experiences in the seminary and with my college friends. So I decided to catch a glimpse of my photo albums and my diary or what I call "journal notebook". Well, I used to have a diary which I developed the habit of writing one when I stayed in the seminary. But I stopped writing when I left, though I still write sometimes when I experience something awful. It's really distressing to read my diary since everything that had been written was just not worth sharing. It just made me feel so pathetic. But there's one that I would feel so bad for my Korean girl friend. Anyways, since I'm no longer keeping a diary of myself, I guess blogging is an efficient way to replace it in the digital era.
When I flipped through the pages of my journal notebook, I came across a page where I wrote something that makes me laugh thinking of it over and over again. Though I have various experiences that I'd consider unforgettable and memorable, this one is different. It happened in 2005 when I was still an ESL teacher at a Korean school somewhere in Mactan, Lapu lapu city. (It may sound unbelievable but, heck yeah, I happened to be one.) I was in charge of teaching the little ones and the beginners. But there's one 16-year old Korean girl that became my close friend in that school. However, when I quit the job, I left there without saying "Annyonghi kasayo" to my Korean friends. I quit teaching because honestly what ESL teachers earn from that school is not really that worth it since I, for one, only received P5000 a month. Imagine that, especially for licensed teachers earning that meager amount. Well, moving on... My cousin, who also happened to be a teacher in that school texted me that the Korean girl wanted to meet me. So I set the date and the place where we would meet. It's bad timing though 'coz I never had enough money during that time, plus the fact that I was unemployed and still looking for a job. But, I didn't care. So we met again and went to SM. We watched a movie paid of course by her, and then I brought her to our place to drive her through our motorcycle back at the building in Mactan where she was staying. Since it was almost time for supper, I decided to bring her to a place in Ibo and ate barbecues and stuff... Then, I brought her to the Mactan Shrine. However, on our way back to Lapu lapu city, it didn't came to my mind that a police checkpoint in some areas of Lapu lapu would be put up until I eventually met one. Unfortunately we were held in custody by the police for two violations, I was driving without a helmet and a driver's license. So, my Korean friend and I got stuck in the checkpoint area for almost half an hour. I was so embarrassed and speechless, while my dear foreign friend was so confused and scared. What's worst was that we were being surrounded by many people in that area, since of course, they were able to see a Korean girl with a Filipino guy being held in custody by the police. Until finally, the police chief said that my Korean friend will be allowed to go, except me. He said I have to drive her back and drop her near her place in one condition, the police had to follow us in a patrol car, with a siren going on and stuff.  Embarrassed, confused, scared, numb, trembling, all the feelings and emotions had crept all over me that night. I felt like I was a kidnapper being chased by a patrol car. When I was near her place, I had no choice but to drop her off and leave her alone while I had to continue driving straight to the police station in Lapu lapu city. And my woes didn't end there, I was being interrogated by a bunch of police officers. Luckily, they treated me nice upon knowing that I was a teacher from a Korean school and my father is a member of Air Force. Since they knew my father as a soldier assigned in Mactan Airbase, they just let me go... Thank goodness... I was relieved and went home driving the same motorcycle. Thinking of what had just happened, I can't help but laugh at myself... but I was still worried about my Korean friend...
So that's how it goes...
By the way, the day after that, I learned from my cousin that the Korean girl was being sent by her mother back to Korea, immediately... I felt so sorry for her...but there's nothing else that I could do...


  1. i hope i have the courage to write about my most embarrassing experience in the past...hehe! thumbs up, elves! nice piece!

  2. heheh, thanks for ur time reading....

  3. Anonymous10/8/10

    omgeeeee,..... carry jud nmo ang situation sir, hehehe

  4. Anonymous11/8/10

    grabe ka kay ka mer. i learned a lot about you from this post. ug naka-gf diay kag korean. so nagbreak mo after that brouhaha? just curious. hehe. - k

  5. Anonymous1/9/10

    kabalo imo wife ani mer?


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