Mel Gibson's rant audio tapes--profoundly disturbing...

Mel Gibson's racist tirade directed at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has been an online sensation lately. Five audiotapes have been leaked out that show how Mel Gibson unleashed a profane, sexist rant against the mother of his daughter... When I first heard about the news, I never believed it. I never even bothered to search for it on the net. However, when it was mentioned by Mo Twister through his radio show and he played the audio, I really couldn't believe that Mel talks that way... I am a big fan of the actor, I idolized him when I first watched him playing the role of William Wallace from the movie "Braveheart," a 1995 historical action-drama movie produced and directed by Mel Gibson himself.
In one of the audiotapes, Gibson accuses his ex-girlfriend of lying about fake breasts and trying to breastfeed his eight-month-old Lucia, saying she dresses like .... The language Mel uses is extremely vile ... Previous reports about Mel Gibson's racist tirade couldn't do justice to the hatred in his voice as his rage builds to increasingly palpable levels. It's kind of scary.
Here's the fifth audio tape (uncensored) of Mel Gibson's rant from youtube.com. The rest of them are on youtube.com.