What's your pastime?

Every now and then, people always find ways to get much of their pastime entertaining or say, productive. But most want it to be more interesting and amusing. Besides, it's the only time employed people get their minds out of their job in a bit.

How about you? What do you do when you're on break? Still thinking of using this little time to get your job done? Yeah, what's the point doing anything else for enjoyment when you can use this little time to get ahead of your task or job? But then, isn't it boring and monotonous to do the same kind of job over and over again?

I can think of so many things or games to do when I have idle time. But most of the time, I would play RPG online games like World of Warcraft and its LAN version, DOTA. However, it makes me kinda get addicted to it. And it takes a whole lot of time to play the game. On the other hand, I tend to read other blogs or listen to music during my break time. But for my pastime, I would prefer to play chess online. It's kinda mind-boggling and poses a lot of challenge when you get to play against other players from around the world. I like playing chess though it gives me headache after a few games. It's free, nondownloadable, and it trains our mind.

For those who would like to play chess more often on their free time, you can visit www.instantchess.com. Just provide a name, any name you like, click "Start Game" button, and then play... as simple and as quick as that. It has a time limit of 15 minutes per game, but some subscribers have 1 min., 5 mins., up to 10 minutes of time per game. And if you don't like the players, you can cancel the game and choose other players.
But mind you, there are better and very strategic chess players in there. So better be prepared when you wanna try to play in there. So, if you want to escape your mind from the mind-numbing kind of work and train your mind a bit, by using that little time to play chess, try it and just play at http://www.instantchess.com/.