Magazines: Outmoded or Discarded?

In a world of instant messages, iPods, Twitter, Facebook, what do magazines have to offer? Do they still matter? In an interview with Rebecca McPheters, president of McPheters & Company at the Custom Publishing Council (CPC), McPheters stresses that magazines are more relevant than they have ever been before. Why? Because magazine readership is growing...magazines give you an opportunity to engage with content that you are tremendously interested in. The same is true for newspapers.

For starters, magazines feature celebrity gossip, humor, beauty tips, sports, and even manga. Some magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, offer online content that can only be accessed by using a special code that’s available in the print edition. Other magazines tease their Web visitors by displaying the cover of the latest print issue and offering different content online or real-time (and accurate!) news and, uh-huh, more gossip. But as every librarian knows, there's still a place for print in most kids' hearts.

That's probably because print publications offer a level of in-person, tactile interaction that online-only magazines can't match. Plus, print editions can be passed around in a library and discussed in a moderated setting, or marked up to the owner's liking.

However, as technology turns everyone, especially kids, more dependent to online media, many magazines have moved all their content online, leading some to wonder if the print version will soon be dead. Though the number of glossy periodicals is on the downswing and the future of magazine publishing remains to be seen, there are many publications that still sell well.

In an article written by Carlie Webber entitled, "The Original Handhelds: Magazines That Teens Can't Resist," Webber lists 11 print magazines that teens (and the librarians who serve them) can't live without.
These are: Entertainment Weekly, GamePro, J-14, MAD, Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat, Spin, Sports Illustrated, Teen Ink, Teen Vogue, Transworld Skateboarding. And there are other magazines, or any print media, that we might never heard of but are quite useful and trendy to other contries or society.

Clearly, print publications, such as magazines, are never outmoded nor discarded. There's something in them that could never be replaced by online media. Whether we belong to the "baby boomers" generation or the "Millenials" or Internet Generation, magazines, books and print media still have value for us. No matter how advanced the technology or how mainstream the internet is, we still seek and long for them, though not always.