Top 5 Worst Flops in Philippines National Television...

It's hilarious and awful to see celebrities and media men in a video... when they made a mistake or something just went wrong.
Here are the top 5 videos considered to be the worst flops in national television. The videos I uploaded may be outdated but every time I watch these videos, I still laugh at them...

1. Michael Fajatin's blooper 

2. Janina San Miguel - Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Q&A 

3. Allan K.'s denture falls off...

4. Claudine Barretto's putang ina when she stumbled...

5. Janina and a report by Mr. Blooper Mike Fajatin himself...


Two Websites for independent online reading...

In my line of work, I always encounter articles that offer ways or tools to help students develop literacy skills. Some articles present and describe online materials or web sites for those who wish to develop and improve reading comprehension. One article titled "Vocabulary Support for Independent Online Reading" offers just that kind of information. It describes two websites that can help students read on their own. I am posting it here because I find the sites useful when reading foreign texts without the hassle of opening up another browser for a dictionary or translator site. Besides, I can use them for future references.
Here are the two sites: Ultralingua.net and WebDecoder section of WordChamp.

1. Ultralingua.net is an online tool that uses the hypertext nature of the Web to provide exactly this type of support. Filtering articles through Ultralingua.Net will give students interactive vocabulary help by turning every word into a link that opens a pop-up dictionary entry for that word. Languages supported by Ultralingua currently include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. By inserting the URL (Web page address) for a magazine article and selecting "English definitions" or any language for the pop-up dictionary selection, a copy of the article will be displayed with hypertext links of the words. Clicking on a word will open a pop-up window with vocabulary support in the form of an English or any language definition. Ultralingua also offers regular dictionary lookup for individual words, verb conjugation assistance, numbers, and online grammar references. As indicated above, texts in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese may be read with Ultralingua support.

2. WebDecoder section of WordChamp is another good service that also uses pop-up windows. WordChamp's pop-up dictionary help for online Web sites is freely accessible, though some of WordChamp's other features require creating an account. As with Ultralingua, the user provides the address of the Web page to be read and then WordChamp turns the words on the page into active links for the pop-up windows. Rather than having to click on the word, WordChamp pops up the window as soon as the mouse moves over the desired word. In terms of the number of languages supported, WordChamp outperforms Ultralingua. But they're both easy to use.

What's bothering me...

life is never easy, really never easy... i can't just imagine how we just say 10 years from now i'll be this and that when we were still at school. life really sucks!  all of our lives, we've been lied to... we've been told what life is supposed to be about... grow up, do well in school, make friends, get a girlfriend or boyfriend, get a good job, get married, get a nice house and have kids... watch tv, go to church, vote, find some hobbies to entertain you... get old, retire, spend time with the grandkids... look back on your life with nostalgia, look forward to the afterlife of your choosing... this is what we're supposed to do, this is what normal people do. this is what everyone else is doing. Yeah sure, there are a few aberrations here and there, sometimes some people slip off this track, but we can get back on at any time. Yet, when we actually look at the world around us, we may see something entirely different.
how could other people be so rich while others dont even have a crumb of rice to eat. how could others be so happy while some are drowning into tears. isn't this so unfair? really unfair. some say that always ask from Him for it will be given to you. is it really true? i don't think so, because if it is, why are we still living in this chaotic world? they say that if you'll do good to others, good things will come back to you. it's definitely not true!! many people had been doing good things to other people, but look what happened? they had been cheated. this is the reality. we're living in a world of storm. in a world where you won't be getting what you want. you won't reach the level of happiness that you had always dreamt off.
to quote from lifesucks.com, "Human beings seem to have a basic design flaw. We're a fucked up species, striving to be healthy and happy while simultaneously destroying ourselves and each other in a million different ways."


Getting dumped by a third party...

Here's a site that I've been following for the past few months regarding breakups. idump4u.com has been going on for quite some time now in the U.S. It's just hilarious and crazy how people hire another to dump someone and get their relationship done. All you have to do is just call the site and pay for only $10 to end your relationship with someone. Then Bradley will call the person you want to break up with, and do the work for you. It's just funny listening to recorded calls and hearing the reaction of the person getting dumped by another. I wonder if a service like this will be available in the Philippines...
Here's one of the recent videos uploaded from the site idump4u.com. It's really hilarious...


New 500 Peso Bill

With a new administration comes a new peso bill... I guess we all are already aware of this new 500 Peso bill that shows a portrait of the Aquino family. I wonder if PNoy will actually redesign one like this... Kris would be very pleased!


Most Embarrassing and Unforgettable Experience

I was kind of bored today and felt nostalgic thinking of my past experiences in the seminary and with my college friends. So I decided to catch a glimpse of my photo albums and my diary or what I call "journal notebook". Well, I used to have a diary which I developed the habit of writing one when I stayed in the seminary. But I stopped writing when I left, though I still write sometimes when I experience something awful. It's really distressing to read my diary since everything that had been written was just not worth sharing. It just made me feel so pathetic. But there's one that I would feel so bad for my Korean girl friend. Anyways, since I'm no longer keeping a diary of myself, I guess blogging is an efficient way to replace it in the digital era.
When I flipped through the pages of my journal notebook, I came across a page where I wrote something that makes me laugh thinking of it over and over again. Though I have various experiences that I'd consider unforgettable and memorable, this one is different. It happened in 2005 when I was still an ESL teacher at a Korean school somewhere in Mactan, Lapu lapu city. (It may sound unbelievable but, heck yeah, I happened to be one.) I was in charge of teaching the little ones and the beginners. But there's one 16-year old Korean girl that became my close friend in that school. However, when I quit the job, I left there without saying "Annyonghi kasayo" to my Korean friends. I quit teaching because honestly what ESL teachers earn from that school is not really that worth it since I, for one, only received P5000 a month. Imagine that, especially for licensed teachers earning that meager amount. Well, moving on... My cousin, who also happened to be a teacher in that school texted me that the Korean girl wanted to meet me. So I set the date and the place where we would meet. It's bad timing though 'coz I never had enough money during that time, plus the fact that I was unemployed and still looking for a job. But, I didn't care. So we met again and went to SM. We watched a movie paid of course by her, and then I brought her to our place to drive her through our motorcycle back at the building in Mactan where she was staying. Since it was almost time for supper, I decided to bring her to a place in Ibo and ate barbecues and stuff... Then, I brought her to the Mactan Shrine. However, on our way back to Lapu lapu city, it didn't came to my mind that a police checkpoint in some areas of Lapu lapu would be put up until I eventually met one. Unfortunately we were held in custody by the police for two violations, I was driving without a helmet and a driver's license. So, my Korean friend and I got stuck in the checkpoint area for almost half an hour. I was so embarrassed and speechless, while my dear foreign friend was so confused and scared. What's worst was that we were being surrounded by many people in that area, since of course, they were able to see a Korean girl with a Filipino guy being held in custody by the police. Until finally, the police chief said that my Korean friend will be allowed to go, except me. He said I have to drive her back and drop her near her place in one condition, the police had to follow us in a patrol car, with a siren going on and stuff.  Embarrassed, confused, scared, numb, trembling, all the feelings and emotions had crept all over me that night. I felt like I was a kidnapper being chased by a patrol car. When I was near her place, I had no choice but to drop her off and leave her alone while I had to continue driving straight to the police station in Lapu lapu city. And my woes didn't end there, I was being interrogated by a bunch of police officers. Luckily, they treated me nice upon knowing that I was a teacher from a Korean school and my father is a member of Air Force. Since they knew my father as a soldier assigned in Mactan Airbase, they just let me go... Thank goodness... I was relieved and went home driving the same motorcycle. Thinking of what had just happened, I can't help but laugh at myself... but I was still worried about my Korean friend...
So that's how it goes...
By the way, the day after that, I learned from my cousin that the Korean girl was being sent by her mother back to Korea, immediately... I felt so sorry for her...but there's nothing else that I could do...


Lindsay Released from Jail...

This post is a follow-up of my July 7th entry about Lindsay Lohan. As I've said I'm no longer a big fan of Lindsay's, it just so happened that when I visited a website about celebrities, it features a news about Lindsay's release. I posted on July 7th about Lindsay's violation of her probation for the August 2007 no-contest plea to drug and alcohol charges... Thus, she was sentenced to 90 days behind bars... However, on August 2, after serving 13 full days of her sentence, Lindsay was released from jail because of her good behavior and overcrowding at the jail. Yet, she still has to spend another 90 days in a rehabilitation facility to fulfill the second requirement of her sentence. It's ironic though thinking that she's free yet she's not... Here's a picture of her taken from LA County probation Sheriff's department... Even with a smile, she still looks pathetic...


The Bible: 5 Things Christians Might Not Know

The Bible has played a significant role to the lives of Christians and other religious communities. It has been used as a basis and guide to ethical and moral way of living. It is also, somehow, used as a proof of God's existence and omnipresence. I remember when I was still a seminarian, I always read the Bible everyday. Each night, before I slept, I opened the Bible to read a verse or two and pondered upon the words, phrases or whichever struck me the most. I also used it during our Bible sharing every Sunday. For more than three years, not a day went by without reading a verse or a book from the Bible. Well, that was 7 years ago. Things have changed...
The Bible is definitely an easy to read "text" but with deep connotations. The great irony of the Bible is that it is at once so familiar and so unknown. In an article from AskMen.com, 5 things were mentioned about the Bible that Christians did not or might not know. These include the multiple versions of creation in the Bible, different accounts of the Gospels and the reason why it is not considered as a book.

1) There are multiple versions of creation in the Bible.

Despite more than a century of creationism-versus-evolution debates, few are aware that there are actually several different accounts of creation scattered throughout the Bible, and they don’t all agree. In the first chapter of Genesis, God starts big, on the cosmic level, then does plants and animals and then culminates with human beings, created in the plural, male and female. In the second chapter of Genesis, which immediately follows, God begins by creating a single human. Then come plants and animals. Then, when no animal fits the bill as lifelong companion (sorry, dogs), God divides the one human into two, male and female.

There are even more creation stories. In Psalm 104 and Job 38, God begins by setting the Earth on foundations in the sea, like a huge oil rig. In Psalm 74, monsters are on the scene: God first slays Leviathan and the sea dragons, monstrous forces of chaos, in order to create the cosmos as a safe, orderly place. In Proverbs 8, God has a divine cohort, Wisdom (Hebrew Hokmah), who says she was there before the work of creation began. These and other biblical visions of beginnings don’t add up to a single, coherent account. The Bible doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.


Mel Gibson's rant audio tapes--profoundly disturbing...

Mel Gibson's racist tirade directed at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has been an online sensation lately. Five audiotapes have been leaked out that show how Mel Gibson unleashed a profane, sexist rant against the mother of his daughter... When I first heard about the news, I never believed it. I never even bothered to search for it on the net. However, when it was mentioned by Mo Twister through his radio show and he played the audio, I really couldn't believe that Mel talks that way... I am a big fan of the actor, I idolized him when I first watched him playing the role of William Wallace from the movie "Braveheart," a 1995 historical action-drama movie produced and directed by Mel Gibson himself.
In one of the audiotapes, Gibson accuses his ex-girlfriend of lying about fake breasts and trying to breastfeed his eight-month-old Lucia, saying she dresses like .... The language Mel uses is extremely vile ... Previous reports about Mel Gibson's racist tirade couldn't do justice to the hatred in his voice as his rage builds to increasingly palpable levels. It's kind of scary.
Here's the fifth audio tape (uncensored) of Mel Gibson's rant from youtube.com. The rest of them are on youtube.com.


Singer Pink falls while performing in Germany

I just wanted to post an unfortunate news about Pink, an American singer-songwriter whose real name is Alecia Moore. While performing in Nuremberg, Germany on thursday July 15, Pink had an unfortunate accident and was rushed to hospital after a stage stunt went horribly wrong during the concert. The 30-year-old star was being strapped into a harness at the Easy Credit Station in Nuremberg when it flung her forward into a steel crowd barricade. The harness was supposed to hoist her above the crowd so she could perform an acrobatic routine.
I watched the video clip. The crowd was shouting and so excited about the concert and suddenly they just went so quiet when Pink fell off the stage... Too bad!
Here's a clip of Pink who was dragged off stage and fell into barricade.


Avast! Pro Antivirus Keys--get it here!

Disappointed of downloading an antivirus software that only allows to run in your computer for only a month or two? Tired of looking for antivirus keys to keep your antivirus software running for a longer period of time?
For those who like Avast! pro antivirus but do not have money to purchase it online, I can give you a set of keys offered by some users through some sites. I have tried and tested one of these and it's still valid for a couple of years or more. Since I got these from some users for free, then, I might as well post it here on my blog in case someone tries to use it.
Here are the keys for Avast! Pro Antivirus.







Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days behind bars...

I used to be a big fan of Lindsay Lohan when she was not yet addicted to alcohol and some kinds of drugs. She's cute during her teen years. I even watched her 2003 family comedy movie Freaky Friday, where she starred as Anna Coleman together with Jamie Lee Curtis. I found her so gorgeous back then. But now, her popularity is only associated with negativity. She even spent 84 minutes in jail in 2007 after she pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to two counts of driving with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 percent and one count of reckless driving. Because of that, Lohan was sentenced to three years of  probation.
When I opened the Yahoo! homepage today, it isn't surprising to read a featured news about her who will be sent to jail for probation violation. Well, she's still young and, I think, she's not gonna stop drinking alcohol, not even drugs... The problem was, she was still under probation and she violated it. Thus, a judge sentenced her on Tuesday to 90 days in jail and an inpatient rehab program after finding the actress had violated the terms of her probation in a 2007 drug case. But Lohan was not immediately taken into custody and will be permitted to surrender on July 20. She will have to wear an ankle alcohol monitor until then, a report says.
Here's a picture of her crying while looking at her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley after the sentencing by Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel during a hearing in Beverly Hills, Calif., Tuesday, July 6, 2010. And the other one was a photo of her when she's drunk or on drugs...


List of CD keys for PC games

I have been searching for PC games that I can download and play over the weekend. However, each game, when downloaded, prompts me to enter a cd or serial key. Fortunately I found a list of keys being offered by a full-time gamer who is generous enough to share the keys he obtained.
Here's a list of CD keys for selected (downloadable) PC games. I will only provide 2 keys for each game. Click Read more to view the list.

Uniblue Registry Booster 2010 + Serial Key

Have you noticed that the longer you have your computer, the slower it runs and the more it crashes? Often this is because whenever you install or uninstall software, adjust hardware or change settings, the Windows registry is updated. Over time the registry starts losing shape, accumulating obsolete, corrupt and harmful files. Left unchecked, your system can become increasingly unstable, run more slowly and crash more frequently. Uniblue RegistryBooster is the solution to this problem.
RegistryBooster will deep scan your registry to identify problems and errors that can cause instability and slowdown. RegistryBooster will then repair or remove harmful registry entries to optimize your PC for better performance. You can also defragment your registry for extra speed and efficiency. The software can be downloaded through its site by visiting RegistryBooster 2010. It has been scanned and no threats were detected.
However, this software is not for free. It costs around $59 to use it without restrictions. Fortunately, I found a certain site where some users give serial keys to any software including this one. I guess I might as well share it here.
Here's the RegistryBooster serial key:

Towards Ethical Reasoning and Fairminded Thinking ...

The development of ethical reasoning abilities is vitally important-both for living an ethical life and creating an ethical world. By teaching critical thinking without ethics one runs the risk of inadvertently fostering sophistic rather than fairminded critical thinking. In fact, a person often commonly becomes skilled in critical thinking without developing the understandings requisite to living an ethical life. The proper role of ethical reasoning is to highlight acts of two kinds: those that enhance the well-being of others—which warrant praise—and those that harm or diminish the well-being of others—and thus warrant criticism.
Thus it is important for individuals to develop ethical sensitivities and reasoning. Developing one's ethical reasoning abilities is crucial because
there is in human nature a strong tendency toward egotism, prejudice,
self-justification, and self-deception. It is essential that a person learns to use shared ethical concepts and principles as guides in reasoning through common ethical issues. Developing ethical sensitivities requires cultivating the mind to go beyond innate selfishness to consideration of the rights and needs of others. One needs to understand ethical reasoning; cultivate ethical capacities; and integrate ethical understandings with critical thinking skills, abilities, and traits. One must be proficient in assessing reasoning for its clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, and logicalness. One must be intellectually humble, intellectually perseverant, and intellectually empathic.


Madonna's secret...

I have been wondering why Madonna never gets old or never looks old. Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone; August 16, 1958) is an American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur. Considered to be one of the most influential figures in contemporary music, Madonna is known for continuously reinventing both her music and image, and for retaining a standard of autonomy within the recording industry.
But at 51, she still looks young and hot on television. There must be a secret to this and more...


Talisman Online: World of Warcraft or DOTA alternative

It has been a month now since the last time I played DOTA all stars. But I couldn't just get my fingers out of the keyboard and stop playing. I like playing the game because it gives me a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment conquering the opponent's base and getting a "godlike" or "beyond godlike" hero stats.
Yet, because of some really important matters, I just can't always go out with my friends and play in the cafe. I just have to find other game that I can play and hook myself up at home. So I searched on the net about games related to or similar to DOTA all stars. Luckily, I came across a site that reviews all massively multiplayer online role-playing games - MMORPG - including Talisman Online.
Talisman Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG with an interface very similar to that of World of Warcraft's but unlike WoW, Talisman Online takes place in an oriental setting. The game has 5 classes to choose from (Wizard, Monk, Assassin, Fairy, Tamer) and several unique features such as weapon enhancement to try out.
It's a good and thought-provoking game though you have to spend so much time to level up your character/hero. I am also having fun playing the game because I get the chance to chat with foreign players online, gain some friends from around the world, and play with them.
You can check the reviews, screenshots, videos, and system requirements of Talisman Online through MMOHut.
You can also download the game through its web site www.talismanonline.com.


Anne Curtiz Nip Slip photos

Last summer, ASAP XV, originally known as simply A.S.A.P. (All-star Sunday Afternoon Party), a local musical variety show broadcast by ABS-CBN, was having a live show in Boracay. I was able to watch only the first hour of the show because I had some work to do. I've seen all the teen stars, wearing bikinis and stuff... Damn, they're so sexy. The network only showcases its teen stars and even the MILF ones in their attention-grabbing, sexy wardrobe.
The day after the show was aired, I was astounded to hear the news about Anne Curtis' wardrobe malfunction incident in Boracay. Who would have thought that such a malfunction can be shown on national TV. I wonder if all the shows on TV are aired live!... we could have seen much more than what ASAP XV had shown.
Anyways, so I've searched on the net about the news, and so there it was.
Here are two photos of Anne Curtiz in her bikini top...



I have been having difficulty sleeping these past few weeks. I actually have had this problem for the past two years and I sometimes took some pills to get my eyes closed. But it doesn't feel just right to take medicines and force myself to get to sleep.

When I listen to the Boys Night Out @Magic899.fm live streaming tonight, it so happens that the boys are talking about how to get to sleep in a relaxing way. One alternative they suggest is listening to the rain while lying on bed. Aside from listening to mellow music or your favorite music, listening to the sound of rain also helps to fall asleep. There's a site that does just like that and plays only the sound of rain. It's RainyMood.com. White noise is known to help with relaxation. Learn to relax by slowing down and eliminating busy-work from your stressed-out life. RainyMood.com helps you sleep better and relax with the sound of rain.

For those insomniacs who do not find this site helpful, FamilyDoctor.org provides health information not just for them but for the family as well.


Determination + Perseverance

Everyone of us is gifted with natural capacities and capabilities. Coupled with these is each individual's obligation to discover what these gifts are. But human nature is saddled with an imperfection which restricts the capacity of an individual to know and to do. However, these limitations can be overcome by a person's determination and perseverance.


The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitance to tell others how much they love them while they are alive. In my dreams I try to see you and take in your whole expanse – from the beauty of your smile to the depth of your soul where an ocean swells. I am rebuilding you out of pieces of clay with some illogical hope that you will materialize out of the darkness. The heart alone can perceive these dimly lit realities, and trade longing for patience. And I am living on the hope born of these dreams of you that we will be together soon...


Online sensations

"Great things happen every day. Sometimes it's luck, sometimes it's not."
I've been thinking about life and thought if I could read other people's life stories, I might get a different point of view. Thanks to internet, some people write their life stories or everyday experiences on their blogs. Some blogsites that focus on specific themes are hilarious, while some aren't.
I came across two sites that are created to archive hilarious and serious events and stories happening every day. FMyLife.com and LMyLife.com were considered the universal online sensations. The first one is all about the ridiculous and unlucky things or stories happening in a person's life, while the latter is a fortunate one. The stories are shared by registered users of the site. It's kinda cool... 


"Life, Skepticism, Postmodernism"...just random thoughts...

People always think and wonder about life, their existence, and their relationship with others. Ever since we became conscious of this world, of ourselves, and of the people around us, we tend to think and compare our lives with others'. Then, some might ask, "What/Who am I gonna be like when I get older?" After Image pondered in a song that goes..."What has life to offer me when I grow old? What's there to look forward to beyond the biting cold. They say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical. What's there beyond sleep, eat, work in this cruel life. Ain't there nothin' else 'round here but human strife..."
I have been wondering if life is what we really made it. Or maybe our life is predestined by a Supreme Being, we call "God." Or is there really a God? That makes life much more harder to comprehend... I don't mean to ask such question nor I am gonna tackle about His existence for it might lead me to a more complex and very long argument of proving His existence. But in today's world of Internet and highly advanced technology, does life really matter? I am not saying about life per se, but life in relation to others and to the divine being... People who grew up during the birth and rise of the Internet somehow lost their connection to the real world. These people are sometimes labeled by Americans as the "Millennials" or the "Net generation." I myself would admit that I sometimes lost my connection to my family and even myself in a sense that I tend to spend so much time playing computer games (online or LAN), chatting, twittering, checking facebook, and doing things like the Millennials usually do. Doing all these things might be entertaining and fun, but it could be lifeless. Lifeless in a sense that there is no longer a "bond" developed between the self and the other. Yes, some people may be friends and stay connected, like in facebook, friendster and other networking sites, but by the time the other person logs out or signs out in a few seconds, then they are no longer considered friends. Or perhaps they are, in their own digital ways...

Sometimes, in this postmodern world, I tend to find myself in doubt of all the things in life. It led me to wonder about life, and its meaning. It even led me to doubt the existence of a divine being... With all the news and the things happening in the lives of men all over the world, especially those who are affected by calamities or war, I kind of think that life is nothing but the occurrence of random events. Thinking about it leads me to embrace the idea of skepticism. Sometimes what the postmodernist thinks is plausible. In the postmodernist thoughts, some thinkers would describe postmodernism as a late twentieth-century condition or culture characterized by skepticism toward two fundamental categories of thought and experience: the true and the real. In a sense, the postmodern is associated with the depthless, the insubstantial, and the spiritually exhausted. I agree with this postmodernist thinking...

With all these notions about life, postmodernism, and skepticism, how am I supposed to reconcile my thoughts to what others think or believe is true and real? Do you think I am being blinded by my personal emotions and ill feelings against my past experiences to the extent that I deny the existence of a divine being and became skeptic about the things in life or even life itself?


Halle Berry in a video that makes her feel Good!

When I first saw Halle Berry in the first X-Men movie playing the character of Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm, I found her so innocent and her black beauty stunning and gorgeous. And it was not only I who noticed that, the whole world does. I didn't mean to say that her movies prior to X-Men (2000) did not catch the attention of movie goers, but i think it was that movie that caught the eyes of men. Before becoming an actress, she entered several beauty contests, finishing runner-up in the Miss USA (1986), and winning the Miss USA World 1986 title. No doubt she is really a beautiful piece of art, the beauty that rises above the African American women. In fact, she made history by becoming the first African-American woman to receive a Best Actress Academy Award for her role as Leticia Musgrove, the wife of an executed murderer, in the film Monster's Ball 2001. Then she became a Bond girl for the 007 James Bond movie entitled, Die Another Day in 2002. But I didn't notice or maybe I was so out of this world when her movie Monster's Ball leaked out a sex scene of her. Yeah, it was more than sex scene... she really just wants to feel GOOD! No wonder she won the best actress... lol!
Here's the video of her wanting to feel Good!
Warning: This video is not suitable for young audience.


Magazines: Outmoded or Discarded?

In a world of instant messages, iPods, Twitter, Facebook, what do magazines have to offer? Do they still matter? In an interview with Rebecca McPheters, president of McPheters & Company at the Custom Publishing Council (CPC), McPheters stresses that magazines are more relevant than they have ever been before. Why? Because magazine readership is growing...magazines give you an opportunity to engage with content that you are tremendously interested in. The same is true for newspapers.

For starters, magazines feature celebrity gossip, humor, beauty tips, sports, and even manga. Some magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, offer online content that can only be accessed by using a special code that’s available in the print edition. Other magazines tease their Web visitors by displaying the cover of the latest print issue and offering different content online or real-time (and accurate!) news and, uh-huh, more gossip. But as every librarian knows, there's still a place for print in most kids' hearts.

That's probably because print publications offer a level of in-person, tactile interaction that online-only magazines can't match. Plus, print editions can be passed around in a library and discussed in a moderated setting, or marked up to the owner's liking.

However, as technology turns everyone, especially kids, more dependent to online media, many magazines have moved all their content online, leading some to wonder if the print version will soon be dead. Though the number of glossy periodicals is on the downswing and the future of magazine publishing remains to be seen, there are many publications that still sell well.

In an article written by Carlie Webber entitled, "The Original Handhelds: Magazines That Teens Can't Resist," Webber lists 11 print magazines that teens (and the librarians who serve them) can't live without.
These are: Entertainment Weekly, GamePro, J-14, MAD, Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat, Spin, Sports Illustrated, Teen Ink, Teen Vogue, Transworld Skateboarding. And there are other magazines, or any print media, that we might never heard of but are quite useful and trendy to other contries or society.

Clearly, print publications, such as magazines, are never outmoded nor discarded. There's something in them that could never be replaced by online media. Whether we belong to the "baby boomers" generation or the "Millenials" or Internet Generation, magazines, books and print media still have value for us. No matter how advanced the technology or how mainstream the internet is, we still seek and long for them, though not always.


What's your pastime?

Every now and then, people always find ways to get much of their pastime entertaining or say, productive. But most want it to be more interesting and amusing. Besides, it's the only time employed people get their minds out of their job in a bit.

How about you? What do you do when you're on break? Still thinking of using this little time to get your job done? Yeah, what's the point doing anything else for enjoyment when you can use this little time to get ahead of your task or job? But then, isn't it boring and monotonous to do the same kind of job over and over again?

I can think of so many things or games to do when I have idle time. But most of the time, I would play RPG online games like World of Warcraft and its LAN version, DOTA. However, it makes me kinda get addicted to it. And it takes a whole lot of time to play the game. On the other hand, I tend to read other blogs or listen to music during my break time. But for my pastime, I would prefer to play chess online. It's kinda mind-boggling and poses a lot of challenge when you get to play against other players from around the world. I like playing chess though it gives me headache after a few games. It's free, nondownloadable, and it trains our mind.

For those who would like to play chess more often on their free time, you can visit www.instantchess.com. Just provide a name, any name you like, click "Start Game" button, and then play... as simple and as quick as that. It has a time limit of 15 minutes per game, but some subscribers have 1 min., 5 mins., up to 10 minutes of time per game. And if you don't like the players, you can cancel the game and choose other players.
But mind you, there are better and very strategic chess players in there. So better be prepared when you wanna try to play in there. So, if you want to escape your mind from the mind-numbing kind of work and train your mind a bit, by using that little time to play chess, try it and just play at http://www.instantchess.com/.


Newest Super Mario Game is "Absolutely Amazing"

When I opened a window in my computer, I immediately noticed on the screen a colorful display of Mario, a fictional character from the game Super Mario. It is displayed in the front page of http://www.yahoo.com/, and features its newest Super Mario game entitled "Super Mario Galaxy 2."
As Nintendo's mascot, Mario is one of the most famous characters in video game history, and his image has become synonymous with video games. Mario games, as a whole, have sold more than 285 million units, making the Mario series the best-selling video game series of all time.
It seems just like yesterday when I played the Super Mario as an arcade game. I was just about 6 years old when I first played it. Then I kept on playing it especially after my father bought a family computer. It's just an arcade game where all you see is a one-sided display of a little man that jumps and runs and accumulates coins. But now, as the technology becomes more advanced, so does the game which turns into 3D. Its latest game Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just "absolutely amazing." In fact, IGN reports that "this is the absolute pinnacle of Mario gameplay: everything that makes a Mario game so incredibly fun is represented here."
Here's a Nintendo Media Summit Trailer of the Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's the best!


Debts and Credits: Can We Manage them?

The world today is experiencing a great economic recession. There are low demands of products as consumers cut spending. Companies cut costs thereby closing some of their plant operations and laying off thousands of human workforce. In a time of great depression, people are finding every possible way to get through every day expenses and the cost of living. One way that most people adopt is through credits and debts. Most people tend to lend money from friends and apply loans on banks just to get what they need and want, thinking that they can repay them in a few months or years. One concrete way people use in times of need is the credit card. People around the world are using it to buy things either online or offline. However, as time goes by, debts and credits also climb up unnoticed. The next thing we might know is that our property will be confiscated for not paying our credits and debts.
In an effort to deal with debts and credits, a lot of business-minded people are writing and offering how-to guides and tips. Some even write their lessons from economic recession. Through web search at Yahoo! finance, I came across with step-by-step online resource in managing one's debts and credits and how to use credit wisely. To use credit intelligently, a certain article suggests to start by examining the terms of the card(s) we are currently using. If we think we may have too much credit card debt, let's begin to address it by honestly evaluating our spending habits.
On the other hand, another article by Tyrone of Millionaire Acts: The Journey to Financial Freedom at www.millionaireacts.com offers four lessons learned from economic recession. These include: 1) Save for the future; 2) Take advantage of stocks; 3) Take advantage of low value properties; and 4) Participate in bargain bazaars.
Either way, as long as we are vigilant and mindful enough of our debts and credits, we can manage to prevent them from mounting and controlling our life. We just have to work harder and smarter. We need to invest in something that is promising and worth living. We can only do this by helping each other to stay out of debts and credits.


Eclipse: Opens on June 30

For all Twilight saga fans, the Eclipse movie is much awaited for this year. With the successful showing of Twilight's sequel New Moon, fans of all ages are now excited for the opening of its 3rd sequel, Eclipse, next month. Here's a sneak peak clip of the upcoming Twilight installment Eclipse which opens on June 30.