Mar 5, 2016

No Webcam? Use Your Phone Instead

Cellphones are very useful nowadays. Not only can you use it for texting, making and receiving calls, snapping photos, videos and facebooking. You can also use it as an accessory for your PC, specifically a web camera.

That's absolutely right. You can use your cellphone as webcam for video calls or chats on Skype, Google hangouts, etc. You can even use it as security camera. You don't have to worry about replacing a broken webcam or getting a new one. You just have to use a software and configure the setting.

There's a bunch of apps out there that you can use to set up your phone as webcam. The most commonly used ones are DroidCam and IP Webcam. I have tried and used both.
To begin with, download Droidcam app both in your pc and phone or tablet.
For Windows client, get it here. For your mobile phones, just go to Google Play.

Once downloaded and installed, you can now use your phone as webcam either via wireless connection or USB mode. However, configuration of the settings is required.
Here's how to configure both.

Configuring Phone as webcam via WiFi connection

When you open the app on your phone, the WiFi and browser IP settings will be displayed on the screen.

Open the app on your PC and copy the IP to the Device IP box.

Press Start to start streaming the video through your cellphone camera.
Or, you can use Chrome or Mozilla browser to stream the video. Just copy the URL link below the Browser IP Cam Access and paste to the browser.

Configuring Skype settings

To use your phone on Skype, you need to change the default camera first. Open Skype, click on Tools and select Options → Video Settings. Choose the webcam source. In this case, DroidCam.

Feb 29, 2016

A Quick and Easy Fix for Overheating NEO Laptop

Is your laptop screechy and overheating after a few minutes of using it?
Well, now is the perfect time for you to get that fixed. Otherwise, you’d see blue screens displaying on your laptop and it would just shut down by itself.

Forget about the "I'll fix this later" or "I'll pay someone to repair that later" mentality. Next thing you know, the motherboard gets burnt-out and you lost the data that you so dearly care about. You just have to deal with the overheating problem now. And, the good thing is, you can even do it yourself, like I did. 

I am not an expert of fixing laptops nor am I an experienced technician or repair man. But I do have a habit of researching for solutions and watching other people do the fixing on youtube.

When I opened the rear panel of the laptop, I found the culprit -- dust, a bunch of them.

Indeed, the most common cause of the overheating problem is the bunch of dust piled up in the vents and fan through the cooling channel.

If you're laptop has never been cleaned for years, then, expect a huge pile of dust obstructing the air flow of the fan.

This is exactly why the laptop overheated, made a squeaky noise and shut down by itself. Thus, you need to clean it out from time to time, even when you're busy. To do so, you just have to open the rear panel by yourself and, if necessary, take a photo of each step you take. You never know you might lose a few parts or misconnect a wire.

Let me show you how to do it.

Feb 19, 2015

Introducing Two Absurd Solutions for oDeskers

Two days ago, I received an email from oDesk “announcing two new solutions for freelancers.” The moment I opened the mail, I was dubious of what I just read. They proudly announced the two useless solutions: Connects and Membership Plans. Connects are virtual tokens that can be used for applying a job while the second one involves a monetary “token” to be more visible to clients and have a greater advantage of getting hired. That's $10 per month, on top of the 10% deduction from our earnings. How absurd is that?

It just doesn’t make any sense. Immediately, I visited the blog page and joined the community to post my comments. Unsurprisingly, most members have expressed their dislikes, concerns and disappointments regarding the ridiculous solutions, most especially the second one. From what I read during the merger of Odesk and Elance, Odesk CEO Gary Swart promised that they never planned fee increases or membership fees in the future.

"#2: I’m worried oDesk will adopt membership fees or other aspects of the Elance pricing structure.
Don’t worry! oDesk does not plan fee increases or membership fees based on the merger." - Odesk CEO Gary Swart

Yet, it was just a lie.

I posted my comment yesterday but there was no response from, Garnor M, the community manager. I even gained “19 Kudos" and counting...

It looks like you need to pay oDesk to get "better visibility" than others. I just wonder, is the portion of our hard-earned money not enough? How about those who've been working on odesk for a long time, 5 years and more, who, I believe, contributed more to this community. How many percent more should you deduct from us to be "visible"? Were you considering giving out some rewards or, at least, recognition to these dedicated people who have worked for 5 years or more through odesk?
I doubt they would even consider that. Below is my post on the odesk community forum.

Jan 10, 2015

Activist Carlos Celdran Sentenced to 1 Year Behind Bars for 'Damaso' Act, CA affirms

"The right to free speech does not guarantee an unbridled license to say whatever one may wish..." This was the Manila Regional Trial Court’s 2013 decision over the activist's "Padre Damaso" act inside Manila Cathedral in 2010. “Padre Damaso” was the infamous character, the antagonist priest, in Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.” Such act has made him to offend religious feelings under Article 133 of the Philippines' Revised Penal Code. The Court of Appeals has affirmed MTC's decision.

John Charles Edward "Carlos" Pamintuan Celdran, a Filipino tour guide, cultural activist, and performing artist, is known for advocating the reproductive health law in the Philippines. The church, however, strongly opposed the Reproductive Health Bill or RH bill when introduced and passed in the country in 2010. "It seeks to promote on a national level access to information and the availability of natural and artificial contraception. It seeks to empower couples in responsible family planning through education and access to legal and medically safe birth control."

Despite the strong opposition by the Catholic church, who believes that the said bill will destroy family lives, the Chambers of Congress passed on the third and final reading of the RH Bill on 17 December 2012 13 senators and 133 Congressmen voted in favor of the bill. It is now called the "Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012"or informally known as the Reproductive Health Law or RH Law in the Philippines.

Photo from his Facebook

Yet, the passing of the bill in 2012 does not abdicate Carlos from conviction as the Court of Appeals affirmed the MTC's decision. Instead, he will be incarcerated for more than 1 year.

The penalty will be served for shouting inside the church while the mass was celebrated in 2010. He was simply calling for the Church to stop meddling with government affairs while holding a “Damaso” sign referring to “Padre Damaso.

Dec 30, 2014

Typhoon Seniang - an unforgettable year-ender in Moalboal

It was at the wee hours on the 30th of December when Typhoon Seniang (Senyang) brought havoc to my home and other people's houses in the northern and southern part of Cebu, including Moalboal.
Not everyone was expecting the flood to overflow in their houses and at some establishments in the towns.
According to a report, at least 28 dead due to 'Seniang' and a man in Alegria town and a child in Moalboal town were drowned. -abs-cbn report

Moalboal Central Elementary School flooded from inside out.

Flood was everywhere. And so was the blackout.
It all started around 2 in the morning as the rain never stopped pouring for 3 consecutive days.
It was, indeed, unexpected.